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Everybody needs a deep, long breath of fresh air as it is vital to keeping our lungs and whole body healthy. Nowadays, however,  indoor and outdoor air can be contaminated by air pollutants that include particulate matter or floating solid matter that may be visible or microscopic. These pollutants can be irritating and may cause harmful effects to humans, animals, and other living organisms.

As household owners, we should protect ourselves from the effects of these pollutants especially if there is a baby or a child living with us in the house. To better improve air quality, it is recommended to install an air purifier that clears up the air from invisible pollutants such as sulfur dioxides, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and others. Not only will children benefit a lot from breathing  clear air, but at the same time, old people will also benefit from having clear air. As experts say, children and old people who have compromised immune systems are more susceptible to the health effects of air pollution. Indeed, air purifiers can make an impact on our air quality.  This is one of the smartest things we can do to protect our family from any sickness or disease that one may get in breathing contaminated air.

It maybe almost impossible to have a totally clean air especially when going outdoors or even inside our homes. This is a hard reality we have to deal with as air pollution seems to have become a part of urban living. What’s alarming are the negative health conditions that air pollution may bring about like eye, nose, throat irritations, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, heart disease, and many others. As a responsible parent, you would want to protect your family from any health risk. Aside from doing our part to cleaning up the air, we should encourage healthy living among our families to strengthen our resistance and keep the air clean inside our homes through air purifiers.





The summer heat can be very aggravating, not to mention the electric bills that significantly increase during the hot, summer days, which also add up to global warming. Being smart about how we cool ourselves naturally is important for practical reasons, to save the environment and for us to be financially savvy. Some inefficient habits can be changed to solve our energy use crisis, here are some helpful tips that you can follow:

Be efficient. Get the most efficient cooling unit within your budget. Investing on this will be good for you in the long run. The savings from the unit’s efficient operation will pay for its cost several times during its lifetime. Proper maintenance of A/Cs by trusted technicians will also improve their efficiency.

Use trees and plants for shading. Placing a leafy tree on the side of the house where the sun is facing can block the windows and walls. Remember that every degree of temperature decrease in your room corresponds to about 3-5 % of energy savings in your cooling bills.

Locate and rearrange appliances as they generate unwanted heat. For example, locating your refrigerator in an area where it is near a wall that is not directly hit by the sun will result in less electricity needed to cool your food.

Opt or reflecting light by using light-colored paint for your house’s exteriors. This can reduce the mount of heat absorbed by your walls and roofs. You can also use certain pigment additives in paint that help increase its reflective quality.



Doing the laundry day to day is a reality faced by everyone of us, unless you have a helper who will do the chore. This chore can be even more tedious for modern working moms who run multiple errands and at the same time take care of their families. Here are some helpful tips when washing your clothes to help you save on having to buy new ones yearly and also some few ways to show TLC for your loved ones as well (if you are a mom):

Use cold water. Keep your clothes especially colored ones in their bright shades for longer use by washing them in cold water that is gentler on fabric.  The fabric and shades that retain its original form longer is a tell-tale sign of well-taken care of clothes.

Check the label. Read the care label and follow the instructions on how to wash and take care of each clothing. This way, proper care is given to each clothing that will extend their life and look.

Sort your clothes. Wash like together fabrics to ensure that on each load, similar colors are together in the tub. This prevents colors from mixing with dissimilar shades.

Turn your clothes inside out before washing and drying to avoid unnecessary wear and tear. This will reduce pilling on the fabric with the use of detergents and washing machine. This will also protect the inner part of the clothes from the sun when drying as the sun may zap the color right out of your clothing.




Working from home has become a privilege for more and more people as many alternative jobs that can be done remotely are abounding. Although your job is home based, you should still manage to deliver professional image as this will have a significant impact on your business and your credibility to your clients. The way you keep your house also reflects the way you conduct your job/business. Below are some helpful tips to get that professional, minimalist look for your home office:

Private Space. Situate your home office in an area of the house that can give you enough privacy and away from noise when needed.

Opt for a tubular desk or table. Organize your desk with a clean, crisp tubular desk or table that can also suit almost any style of home office design.

Use metal items. Get that sleek look by using pieces made up of metal like mesh drawers to keep your files, documents, and other important paper works. This will also help you find your documents easily. Use sleek metal holders as well for your pens, letters, and printouts.

Invest in a sleek, leather chair to drive your passion not to slack off in your job/business even if you are working from home. Feel in charge of the business as you sit in a no non-sense, professional looking chair.

Get that industrial-looking desk lamp to brighten up your work area and add a sense of modern and stylish mode at the same time.

Keep a clock on your desk to allow you to take track of your time. Remember that you do not have a boss which allows you more flexibility in your schedule. However, this should not mean that you can be as freewheeling as you want to be. You are your own boss so you should know when it is time to work or play.




Got a stinky cabinetry? You can get rid of the smell by bringing it outside under the sun given that your cabinet is freestanding. However, if you have a built-in one, you can open all the windows of the room where it is located to let the air out. Sprinkle an ample amount of baking soda on all the surfaces  and put in a dehumidifier. The next day, vacuum the baking soda and repeat the procedure until the smell goes away completely.

On the other hand, if you have an iron that leaks, check first as you may be overfilling the reservoir. Check for the operating manual and fill it using a plastic bottle marked to hold the amount the iron requires. If you are using steam, make sure that the water has had time to heat up fully for about 1-2 minutes, and that the fabricsetting is high enough to create steam. If the iron is spitting, the steam holes may be clogged with minerals or salt. Refer to the manual on how to clean.




Storing your shoes especially if it is a growing collection could be a hassle if you want to keep your room organized and clutter-free. Storing your shoes properly will not only ensure your pairs’ longevity but will also help you manage your things and keep your room neat. Here are some ideas to help you out:

1 . See-through shoe storage. This is a great option for you to find your pairs easier and faster. Use identical storage boxes to have a cleaner and more streamlined look. Attaching photos of your shoes shoes on its box will also make identifying quicker and easier.

2. Clear plastic shoeboxes. This is one of most durable choices for shoe storage and give a roomier feel. Put a piece of dry cloth into the box to keep moisture at bay.

3.  Shoe organizers. This option is usually used for shoes to go or for travelling but can function as great storage as well.

4. Use an armoire. Beside being a great decorative piece of furniture, an armoire or a console table could also be a smart storage solution for your shoes.

5. Under the bed. You can use the space under your bed as storage for your shoes too. Make sure they are placed at the sides for easy access.




Avant-garde is known as the trendy experimental forms of post-modern art and decoration. Oftentimes it is described as quirky, innovative, shock-provoking, and fascinating. Two influential avant-garde schools have been Pop and Memphis. Pop art began in the 60′s  when artists found inspiration in the ‘schlock and kitsch’ of comic strips, magazine advertisements, and detergent boxes. Famous artists like Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, David Hockney, and Jim Dine created an entire art form from satirization and parody of the images seen and mostly ignored by people.

Another influential avant-garde school is Memphis art which is outrageous with busy, wild colors and designs. Memphis artists aimed to make a statement with their design ideas and are mostly rebels. Their name was taken from the Bob Dylan lyric, ‘Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again’.

When used sparingly, you can create an elegant home design with some avant-garde pieces.  Update the look of any room with an original Warhol painting or a Memphis art. With an interesting avant-garde detail such as a Pop art painting or Memphis art furniture, your home is anything but dowdy.






Bauhaus was a school of art and architecture in Weimar, Germany. Staatliches Bauhaus, or simply Bauhaus, was founded in 1919 and headed by Walter Gropius that became a leading influence in modern design in the 1920′s and 1930′s. Bauhaus, which literally means house of construction, concentrated on functional craftsmanship applied to industrial problems of mass production.

The Bauhaus style had a profound philosophy in educating people in a different way through art and design to eliminate social and national barriers at the time. Among the leading standard bearers of the school were Wassily Kandinsky, Lyonnel Feininger, Josef Albers, anbd Marcel Breuer. This style is still very visible in contemporary times and many of today’s contemporary classics were actually designed by the artists of this school.

If you are interested in decorating your home with classic contemporary flair, you ought to at least be familiar with the name Bauhaus. The clean line of good classic contemporary furniture is indeed a breath of fresh air and needless to say a rich decoration. It conforms to human forms as well as they do to human lifestyles. The designs are well architectured, sturdy, and balance.






A chic bachelorette’s pad should be a cozy space that channel both practical style and offbeat allure. The woman living in this pad is modern, elegant, and charming as her pad reflects her beauty and hardworking self. To achieve a space worthy of adulation, not overwhelmingly feminine, and at the same channeling your personality, follow this simple and helpful tips:

 Less is more. Opt for furniture pieces that are tasteful and functional at the same time. Go for a minimalist look to achieve a no non-sense, uncluttered look for your pad.

Use furniture pieces with dual purposes. Maximize limited spaces by choosing pieces that serve more than one purpose, like a couch that folds out into a bed and a coffee table ottoman that can also serve as a storage.

Use mobile space storage/organizers. A woman’s space should have a place for every stuff she has to keep them in place. Use magazine racks, hampers, bins, containers, and built-in closets to avoid clutter.

Create partitions where necessary. Since the space is most likely small, you can still make private or separate space by using screen panels or dividers.

Do magic with lights. Lights can instantly change the mood of any room, and make your space more refreshing and soothing. Use a spotlight to highlight an artwork or centerpiece and add flair to a plain area by hanging lamps.

Use mirrors. Mirrors double the size of any room when seen through its reflection. Use mirrors strategically to your living room or bedroom to make these areas appear bigger than they really are.

Opt for strategic but elegant furniture pieces. Take measurements of the area you want to fill then select pieces based on the measurements. Ditch the fussy furniture and go for pieces that are more inviting and laid back.


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